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Southern Cross Apparel - Double Trouble Youth Short Sleeve - White

$ 18.00

Patience is a virtue among fishermen. The one time time they're not so patient is when Spring bass fishing is right around the corner.

See, bass don’t bite, they inhale. The most typical strike comes in two parts. Part 1 is the Stalk. They swim up close and open their mouths so fast and aggressively that is “sucks” anything in the water into their bucket mouths. Then, they swim away a few feet, turning tail. Part 2 is the second inhale to get the entire lure/bait into their mouths.

After The first inhale happens, I wait patiently for the second inhale, which only happens if the bass is still convinced that the lure is something worth eating. With only a few seconds to react, I keep walking the bait knowing that he's tracking my bait. Then, I feel the weight of the fish, set the hook and hang on!

100% cotton


X-Small (4T): Body Width is 16", Full Length Body is 20.5", Sleeve Length is 13.5"

Small (6T): Body Width is 17", Full Length Body is 22", Sleeve Length is 14.5"

Medium (8T): Body Width is 18", Full Length Body is 23.5", Sleeve Length is 15.5"

Large (10T): Body Width is 19", Full Length Body is 25", Sleeve Length is 16.5"


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